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Love historical romance?

Looking for a new and different series?

Check out the Bondy Mountain Series!

Book #1 A Rose's Promise is currently available in e-book ($2.99 and paperback $12.99) at

📷Abandoned on Bondy Mountain as an infant, Rose learned the healing ways of nature at an early age. But Granny taught her much more than the homeopathic medicine and her love of the mountain located in the southwest corner of North Carolina. She introduced her to The Cherokee Wind Clan where their medicine woman encouraged her to embrace the visions she’d always thought a curse.

Her world abruptly changed the moment Mel Thornton was told that she could sing. Taken against her will, Rose grew up quickly. Forced to entertain for strangers, it took her years to finally see the truth and make a daring escape back to her mountain.

Grey Two-Bears Aspen, never forgot the beautiful young woman and the electrical connection they shared when one of her visions saved his brother. Even after all these years, he and the Wind Clan never gave up hope.

Can Rose find the strength she needs to fight the past and the horrible truths she discovers, to have a future with Grey, fulfilling a rose’s promise of hope and new beginnings?

Book #2 A Gypsy's Promise is available in e-book formats ($2.99) and paperback (13.99) at and

📷 Zelda comes from a long bloodline of Romani Gypsies born to entertain and travel. After arriving in America, her carefree life slowly starts to unravel.

Her best friend Luna is a terrible influence and loads of fun, but when Luna is shunned, Zelda feels she must follow and look out for her troublemaking friend.

Leaving her soul mate Luca behind and their future, Zelda struggles to keep Luna away from the only options available for beautiful young girls in 1835 only to end up in the clutches of a manipulative saloon owner.

​With help, Zelda embarks on a Gypsy’s promise to find those forgotten and help them to find their true path in life.

But can she find her path as well? Will it lead back to Luca or is the past better kept in the past?

📷To be released in October 2019

An Orphan’s Promise

When troublemaker, Mellie, thirteen, finds herself orphaned and alone, she ends up in the forgotten world of a deplorable children’s farm located in the heart of Tennessee’s tobacco fields.

She vows to end the grueling existence forced upon orphans and three years later seizes an opportunity and manages to convince the six other orphans to run with her.

The choice isn’t hard; either die on that farm or die trying to get to her mother’s best friend, Zelda, on Bondy Mountain in North Carolina, no matter what it takes to get there.

Can they each find the elusive orphan’s promise to have their own home, family and the love that has begun to bloom?

AUTHOR BIO: Julie Gordon Turla

📷I grew up in a tiny town called Churubusco, Indiana, also known as Turtle Town, USA. I now live in the not-so-small but not-so-big Merritt Island, Florida with my adorable but annoying husband of 25 years two beautiful but grown children and a loyal dog. I have two granddogs and a two grandcats. I am hoping for human grands in the future!

I am currently a nanny for the most adorable one-year old little girl I call Monkey.

I fell head over heels in love with the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and the period it is set in and my interests never strayed along with a true interest in Native American culture.

I was always been told to write what you know. I didn't quite get that at first but years later have come to understand it means to find something you love and use that as your inspiration. It will definitely reflect in your writing.

I have also learned that believing in yourself is the most important thing of all.

I have been writing for my entire life here and there and finally checked off an item on my bucket list with the publishing of A Rose’s Promise in July 2019 and A Gypsy’s Promise in September 2019.

I expect to publish the third in my series, An Orphan’s Promise in October 2019 and the fourth, An Indian’s Promise in December, 2019 if not sooner! I have plans for possibly four more in the series.

My series contains all of the things that interest me including gypsies, childbirth, Native American cultures, 19th century Victorian era and prostitution. Why I am so interested in prostitution is beyond me; maybe that’s who I was in a past life!

Blessings to all and I truly hope you enjoy my books!



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