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The Drifter's Kiss

  Addison Reed doesn’t want to believe her foreman and family friend is responsible for her missing stock, but the man isn’t making it easy. Hoping to prove he’s innocent, she follows him into a shady bar and finds herself in a bigger mess…kissing a complete stranger.

    Drifter Sawyer Dixon never settled anywhere for long. In fact, landing a job on a ranch as the new foreman just fell into his lap and he figured Montana was as good a place as any to settle down for a while. Of course, sticking around might have a little something to do with a sexy brunette who has an affinity for kissing cowboys.

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Cowboy On The Run

Running from a final fight with his drunk and abusive father, Nate had never planned to return to the town where the only good thing had been a brunette beauty with more compassion than he deserved. But, finding himself on a ranch for boys facing the same issues not only taught him how to be a man, it taught him that there was more to life than running.
Nate Walker always did know how to make an entrance, once again turning Jessie Calhoun’s life upside down. Unfortunately, he’d also had the same impact when he left her mending a broken heart in a cloud of dust and taillights.
But this time would be different. No longer that gullible, naïve girl he left behind, she’d be a fool to fall under his spell again. Especially now that she had more at stake—two very important reasons.


Staking A Claim

For most people, seeing Alaska is a dream come true. For Miami Beach resident, Samantha Held, it is merely a job assignment. An advertisement for vacationing in Alaska is one step closer to achieving her career goal, partnership in Kolinsky’s Advertising Agency. As far as accepting the offer of assistance from Blake Langford, a hunky Fish and Game officer and local rancher, though it is offered in a sour manner, she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Determined to sabotage Sam’s goal in every way, Blake isn’t willing to accept any exploitation of his beloved state, no matter how desirable the striking, southern blonde bombshell with fiery green eyes. Falling in love with the enemy was never part of the plan. 


Betting On Kincade

Everyone Cassie Wilcox loved is gone. And now, thanks to her drunken stepfather, her house and family business will be taken from her, too, unless she can find a way to buy back the ranch from the new owner. With less than two months to come up with money she doesn’t have, her options are running out, and apparently, her common sense as she rents out rooms to an eclectic group of strangers.

Returning home for Dalton Kincade is bittersweet. Not a damn thing has changed. Two years on the rodeo circuit weren’t able to shake free the memory of the feisty redhead who’d broken his heart into a thousand pieces. Nor the sting of her parting words…Never trust a Kincade.

Winning her beloved ranch in a drunken bet is the last thing he expected to happen, but at least he saved it for her. Now, he has to figure out how to break that news to a woman who never wants to see him again. Renting a room in the house he now owns might be a risk, but it’s nothing compared to betting his heart on winning back the love of his life.

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Lead Me Into Temptation

Violet Webster is a bride on the run. The last thing she wants is to get married, especially to a stranger twice her age. However, agreeing to be a mail-order bride had been her only option and it paid the steep passage to San Francisco so she could locate her father. She’d find him too, if only her betrothed’s son would stay out of her way.
Garrett Sutherlin is on a mission. Delivering the striking, ebony haired beauty to his father’s doorstep not only paid off his debt, the effort would grant him freedom from the man’s condescending hold. As far as he’s concerned, Miss Webster made her own bed.
Unfortunately, his father will be the one to lie beside her. 


The Devil's Christmas Kiss

Kristen Kelly was returning home with a new attitude. No longer the shy, awkward girl of her past, she’s determined to show the small town what she’s made of. Especially Cole Lawson.


Challenged by Cole at a holiday kissing booth, she finds the wicked cowboy hasn’t changed a bit. He’s still the most frustrating, infuriating, and tempting, man she’d ever come across. And now he was back for more.

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Kissing St. Nick

Driving a sports car in the middle of a blizzard wasn’t the worst decision Laney Kelly had ever made. Considering the mess she’d made of her life in the past three years, returning home was one of her better choices—regardless of the weather. Wrecking her ex-boyfriend’s beloved vehicle? The best Christmas present ever.


Nick Moretti had little time for distractions. His demanding career as a firefighter was far too important, especially during the holidays, but rescuing a dark-haired beauty from his past changes everything.

Trail of Desire

Gold Dust Brides, Book Two

Grace Webster was to wed in the fall. After all, it was the practical thing to do. So why was she seated in a wagon pretending to be the wife of a man who looked suspiciously like her reckless sister, Prudence, playing dress-up?


She hardly had a choice. As headstrong as Prue was, she knew the girl would go in search of their father and eldest sibling, with or without her. And there were safety in numbers. Portraying a married couple merely made things less complicated. The moment Grace believes the plan might actually work, a blood-curling war cry quickly shatters those thoughts.


Leyati Blackstone preferred solitude, never quite fitting in with his tribe or the white man’s world, yet somehow balanced a thin line between both. Finding a white woman on the brink of death changes everything.

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